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Review, selection and analysis of good practices

WELL CARE will identify, investigate and analyse good practices of innovative solutions supporting LTC workers’ and/or informal carers’ resilience and mental well-being in five European countries.

The following deliverables will be publicly available, by December 2025:

  • A report presenting the selection and analysis of 40 good practices
  • A report presenting the selection and analysis of 10 case studies.

In addition, we will indicate here in due time different repositories including the practices selected.

Moreover, a layperson brief and a podcast presenting these outcomes will be available in December 2027.

To achieve this objective, the partnership will achieve three tasks:

  • A systematic review of scientific and grey literature
  • The design of a methodology for selection criteria and data reporting tools
  • The selection, analysis and report of good practices, evidence, and data


This Work Package 2 is coordinated by INRCA.
Contact: Marco Socci


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