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WELL CARE aim to enable local, regional and national partners and stakeholders to implement and evaluate tailor-made solution prototypes, while supporting them in the creation of an enabling environment (ecosystem) that promotes such prototypes and their implementation.

The following deliverables will be publicly available:

  • A guide for country-level tailoring, implementation and evaluation (by September 2024)
  • A report with descriptions and visualizations of 5-8 prototypes (by September 2026)
  • A report on implementation processes and evaluation (by December 2027)

Moreover, a layperson brief and a podcast presenting these outcomes will be available in December 2027.

 Firstly, VUA in cooperation with project partners will develop a guide containing resources and reference materials that support national consortium partners, BLNs, and their respective stakeholders in promoting, tailoring, implementing and evaluating good practices within their particular environment(s). The resulting guide will support project partners and stakeholders in their (pre)implementation and evaluation work later in the project.

This task will also contribute to the development of supportive and enabling partnership ecosystems within the local, regional and/or national contexts to support the promotion, tailoring and implementation of good practices within the five EU Member States. Activities will entail The formation of local implementation teams in the five countries, Organising workshops at the project level and within the five countries, and setting up a ‘helpdesk’ facility to support national partners in their role as liaisons towards the local implementation sites.

Country-specific good practices will be translated into transferable prototypes by national project partner teams and the local implementation teams, in dialogue with the BLN and VUA.


This Work Package 3 is coordinated by VUA

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