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Policy analysis, evaluation and recommendations

 WELL CARE will :

  • Analyse and assess what legislation, policies, care frameworks and funding schemes best support the mental health and wellbeing of informal carers and LTC workers at EU level and in the five implementing countries (Sweden, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Slovenia).
  • Formulate evidence-based and action-oriented recommendations for policy makers, funders and stakeholders at different levels.

The partnership will collect and analyse policy documents at EU and country level, and a total of 40 interviews with key informants in the areas of mental health, LTC and informal care and related legal provisions, policies, financial and care structures. We will then elaborate recommendations for policy makers and stakeholders, and develop sustainability scenarios for partnership ecosystems at national level.

The following deliverables will be publicly available:

  • Report on the analysis of legislation, policies, care frameworks and funding schemes that may support mental health of informal carers and LTC workers, at EU level and in the 5 implementing countries (by September 2024),
  • 5 Country Profiles (by June 2026) to outline: key facts and figures concerning LTC workers and informal carers; current status of their mental wellbeing; overview of country-level laws, policies, care structures, funding schemes, collective agreements and assessment of their strengths and limitations with regards to the mental wellbeing of LTC workers and informal carers; country-specific recommendations targeted at various stakeholders.
  • Set of recommendations for stakeholders (by December 2026), at international and EU level.
  • Partnership scenarios (by December 2027), which will be strategic tools for implementation teams and ecosystems to achieve the development of productive partnerships for care collaboration and integration in different care settings that improve and assure LTC workers’ and informal carers’ resilience and mental wellbeing.

In order to widely disseminate the findings of these activities and make them accessible to a large group of stakeholders, a layperson brief and a dedicated podcast will be available in December 2027.

This Work Package 4 is coordinated by Mental Health Europe.
Francesca Centola

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